Roadburn Campsite

April 19 – 23 Stadscamping Tilburg

The urban campsite for Roadburn Festival will return for 2017!

Just as with last year, the campsite facilities will be provided by Stadscamping Tilburg and the location of the campsite will be the same as last year.

Flexotels & Festipi tents

Once again, there will be Flexotels for those of you who prefer to be a bit more…indoors! In these rooms you’ll find a towel and bed linen, a table with two chairs, storage space for clothes, a power supply so you can charge your cellphone, a heater, and lights!. You’ll get your own key so you can lock your room while you’re at the festival.


There will be space for camper vans, and of course space for you to turn up and pitch your own tent.

Festipi tents

‘Festipi’ tents (including sleeping bags, mattress and pillows) are available for hire if you don’t wish to bring your own. Check this page out for more info about the Festipi tents (we managed to arrange more of them!).

For everybody at the campsite there will be hot showers, clean toilets, cold drinking water, free parking, free wifi, and free phone charging. If you like, you can enjoy a healthy breakfast at the urban campsite for affordable prices. Plus there is a big supermarket close by.

A ticket to the campsite does not secure you entry to the festival – a couple of people thought this was the case last year!


Stadscamping Tilburg